Apparently Google Blocked OnePlus & LG From Pre-Installing Fortnite

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A new claim by Epic Games suggests that Google forced OnePlus and LG to kill its deal on having Fortnite pre-installed on their phones.

Notably, Apple and Google have removed Epic Games Fortnite from their respective stores stating that it violates their store policy. But it seems like Epic Games will not back down without a fight from these tech giants.

Besides, it has taken both Apple and Google to the court for their “anti-competitive and monopolistic” decision of removing Fortnite from their stores.


Earlier we have reported that Google deleted Fortnite from the Play Store. Here, Google followed Apple’s footsteps in removing the game.

To give you some context, Epic Games released a new update that allows Fortnite users to pay for in-game currency via their own payment mechanism. However, they still kept the Apple and Google payment mechanism, but for a higher price.

Apple and Google did not like this move, and soon after Apple removed Fortnite, Google followed suit. But now new allegations by Epic Games show that Google wanted to clamp down Epic Games from making direct profits.


Epic claims even LG was warned by Google to avoid deals similar to OnePlus

As per The Verge, Epic Games also brought to light that Google not only forced OnePlus to refrain from making deals with them but even demanded LG kill any plans of making any deals that involve Fortnite.

The original deal between OnePlus and Epic was to allow Fortnite installation available via its launcher across OnePlus devices worldwide.

But Google demanded that OnePlus can implement this agreement only for devices sold in India, and not worldwide.


On similar grounds, Epic Games alleges that Google prevented LG to pre-install Fortnite on its devices, citing that it has a contract with Google to block side-loading apps this year.

However, in the complaint, LG told Epic that they could allow Epic games available to LG users only if they come from Play Store because of restrictions by Google.

Google’s restraints did not allow Epic Games to partner with OEMs

Epic also raised an issue that such restraints by Google did not allow the game developer to partner with OEMs. This is the reason Epic Games had to put its weapon down and release the game on Play Store this April.


Though, it was also able to strike a deal with OnePlus to bring high-refresh-rate gaming experience exclusive to OnePlus devices.

The issues mentioned by Epic Games raise questions on the monopolistic behavior of giants like Apple and Google.

Fortnite players took charge and trended #FreeFortnite hashtag on Twitter to raise their voices against Google and Apple. As stated by The Verge, Google refused to comment on this matter for now.