DIESEL Finally Launches Its Limited Edition Fadelite Smartwatch


Earlier this year DIESEL announced the Fadelite, its newest smartwatch running on Wear OS, which would be available in a standard and limited edition model.

That limited edition model of the watch is still called the DIESEL Fadelite, but it was designed in partnership with Mad Dog Jones. A popular digital artist. DIESEL is launching the Fadelite today in all models. Including the MDJ version, after having been announced way back during CES 2020 in January.

What makes this model so special is the unique design on the watch strap. As opposed to the standard model which just comes with a translucent strap in clear or various solid colors.


The limited edition Fadelite model can be picked up straight from DIESEL

The limited edition version of the watch will probably be available from retail partners like Amazon at some point. For those that want a sure thing, though, you can pick up the Mad Dog Jones variant directly from DIESEL.

You can also grab the standard Fadelite model in its various colors from Amazon. The watch retails for $300. Which kind of makes this more of a bargain if you really dig the style and design that this strap offers.

Should ever want to use another strap though, you can swap it out just like any other Wear OS smartwatch. And the Mad Dog Jones limited edition model does come with a regular translucent strap as well.


It comes with two artist-designed dials

To make things even more unique, the MDJ variant of the watch comes with two exclusive dials.

These like the strap were also designed by Mad Dog Jones. And you'll only be able to get them with a DIESEL On smartwatch like the Fadelite. They are also available on other DIESEL On smartwatches.

Exclusive dials are really nothing new, though. Each brand of smartwatches tends to have some exclusively designed dials or watch faces for the models on offer. These ones definitely carry that unique DIESEL aesthetic though.


The two dials are called Hungry, which blends the strange dystopian themes of a cyberpunk future with a bowl of ramen, and Dream Blocks, which is a lot more tame. As it's essentially just a more abstract collection of shapes with vibrant colors.

Both of these dials should be present and selectable on the Fadelite right out of the box. So if you fancy one, you can pick it right away.