Europe's Deutsche Telekom Joins The Cloud Gaming Race

Magenta Gaming by Deutsche Telekom

Cloud gaming is a growing business and will be a consistent future offering in the gaming space, and Deutsche Telekom wants to be a part of that.

Today Deutsche Telekom, the parent company of T-Mobile in the US, has announced that it’s officially entering the cloud gaming market. Not content to let Stadia, GeForce NOW, or xCloud have all the fun.

Its offering is called MagentaGaming. An obvious name that takes the massively popular industry that is gaming and mashes it together with a big focal point of Deutsche Telekom’s brand. The magenta color.


MagentaGaming is powered by technology from RemoteMyApp. So this endeavor is not solely of Deutsche Telekom’s own making. But that’s neither here nor there. The point is that carriers are now starting to enter the cloud gaming space in one way or another.

And Deutsche Telekom has chosen to do so by offering its own service.

Deutsche Telekom will charge €6.95 a month for its cloud gaming service

Comparably, MagentaGaming seems like it could be a valued option for gamers. And not really just on price.


Deutsche Telekom will charge €6.95 a month for the service and it will be an add-on to plans for existing subscribers. What’s more is that the first three months of MagentaGaming are free upon initial singup.

So just like with past limited promotions of Stadia, you’ll get 90 days at no cost before you have to pay. That’s already not a bad deal. But the value behind this option seems even more evident when you look at the game library that MagentaGaming will be offering.

There are over 100 titles to play, some of them new

One of the bigger criticisms of services like Stadia has been its game library. When it first launched (and even now a little bit), it didn’t have too many new titles you could choose from.


MagentaGaming is kind of in the same boat, though it does have some new game titles. There are around 100 games in the roster to play, including recently released games like MotoGP 20. You can also choose from titles like Bad North, The Surge 2, Trine 4, and both Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux. Which are still free on Stadia for Pro members FYI.

Games you play through MagentaGaming don’t have to be paid for. You can stream them for free just like you can with xCloud (soon to be part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate). So while the game library may not be the largest, it is the least expensive when you consider that you aren’t buying games.

Currently, MagentaGaming is only available in Germany. And although Deutsche Telekom does own T-Mobile, there’s no indication that T-Mobile will be launching a similar offering.