AT&T Spent More Marketing 5Ge Than On Racial Injustice

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One of the bigger topics as of late, in our country, has been racial injustice. Big tech companies all donated a lot of money to the cause. But for many of them, it was really just chump change.

A specific example of this is AT&T. Where it spent more on marketing its fake 5G (that’d be 5Ge) than it did on fighting racial injustice. Ouch.

According to the data that The Verge has collected, Facebook donated the most, compared to its profits. It compared companies to the median salary of an individual to see how much each company gave, it were a person. Facebook topped the list at $102.77. Amazon, Disney and Verizon were around $4 per person. That’s pretty sad for one of the world’s most valuable companies (that’s Amazon).


Apple gave $24.28 and Google was a little over $67.

Microsoft gave the most money period, at $209.5 million. And that comes out to about $92.55 if Microsoft was a person.

AT&T spent over three times more on a single marketing campaign for 5Ge than it did on racial injustice

According to these numbers, AT&T donated around $20.5 million towards racial injustice.


Meanwhile, it has been heavily reported that AT&T spent around $73.5 million on a single marketing campaign for 5Ge.

That right there is very telling. Especially since 5Ge is now dead, and it was also a “fake 5G network”. Being nothing more than LTE-Advanced.

We’re not saying AT&T needs to donate more, just putting things in perspective

It’s up to AT&T whether they want to donate more to the cause or not. But when you put it into perspective, the amount they spent on marketing 5Ge in a single campaign versus donating to racial injustice, it’s pretty insane.


Never mind the fact that it would take AT&T less than 13 hours to recoup the money it donated to the cause. Which really shows that it was just a drop in the bucket for the company.

AT&T isn’t alone here, many of the other big tech companies only donated a fraction of their profits. Sony actually donated a pretty substantial amount, since it would take them around 163 hours to recoup that loss. Meanwhile, you have Dell who recouped those losses in a mere six minutes.

It’s fairly interesting to put these numbers into perspective, and you should really read The Verge’s report here. It throws in a bunch of different graphs, and data points, showing you that big tech companies could definitely donate more to racial injustice.