Get Your Baby Yoda Echo Dot OtterBox Case Before They Sell Out


Pre-orders are over for the OtterBox-built Baby Yoda case for Amazon's Alexa-powered Echo Dot. More directly, that's for the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) and branded to match as The Mandalorian: The Child, Stand for Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen).

As its branding implies, this is a stand-style wrap for the third-generation Echo Dot from Amazon. But shaped to look like the Mandalorian's ward from the hit Disney+ series. Or at least to mimic that, since it's really just the robes and the ears.

Now, users can buy the gadget accessory directly from both OtterBox and Amazon.


Aside from looking cute, what does this baby Yoda case do?

Now, the baby Yoda case for the Alexa-powered Echo Dot (3rd Gen) may not look like it does a whole lot. And, in fact, it really doesn't bring any extra functionality to the table. OtterBox's aim here, as with other entries in its Den Series, is to bring a bit more security and a savvy design instead.

That means that this will effectively add a less slippery base to keep the Amazon Echo Dot where users want it to be, preventing sliding. And that the materials used will be similar to those in OtterBox's world-renowned protective phone cases. That's setting aside child safety standards certification and the OtterBox lifetime warranty.

Otherwise, this stand is designed to add some style without interrupting daily use. That includes leaving plenty of space for interactions, without diminishing the quality of audio. And precision-designed cutouts for all ports.


The only real drawback is going to be that this won't work for Amazon Ech0 Dot or the second generation. It is solely and explicitly designed for use with the latest in Amazon's line-up of Echo-branded mini speakers.

This stand isn't going to cost you a lot either

As of this writing, those who buy this stand aren't going to have to wait long to receive the item either. That will almost undoubtedly change as the stock begins to dwindle. Better still, it isn't going to be expensive. Regardless of whether users opt for Amazon or OtterBox, the price is set at $24.95.

Baby Yoda Alexa Otterbox case standalone from Amazon

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