August May Be The Best Month Yet For Stadia Pro Free Games


Google's lineup of free games for Stadia Pro members expanded on August 1. And This might just be the best month yet for these free titles.

Since the official launch of Stadia in November of 2019, Google has committed to handing out least one or two free games to Stadia Pro members. It's been doing a pretty good job at sticking with this commitment.

It's even been steadily increasing the amount of games that Pro members were getting each month. Fast forward to August of 2020 and the list continues to grow. Which means Pro members are really getting some excellent value here.


The Stadia Pro free games for August includes four titles

Just in case you missed it from Google's initial announcement, there are four free games to claim in August for Stadia Pro members.

This includes Kona, Strange Brigade, Just Shapes & Beats, and Metro 2033 Redux. Which means Pro members only need to wait for Metro Last Light Redux to be added as a free game at some point and then they'll have the entire franchise of games at no cost. Assuming the title is lumped in as a free title at some point in the future.

In addition to this month's new free games, there are still others to claim too from past months. As of today you can still claim Orcs Must Die! 3, Crayta: Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, West of Loathing, Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid, and all of the SteamWorld series games just to name a few.


Don't skip out on these new deals for Pro members either

If you haven't spent your free $10 that Google gave out to Stadia users yet, now's your chance to make some good use of it. Maybe.

It all depends on whether or not you like any of the deals that were newly made available. Along with the new free games on August 1, Google put up some new deals for Pro members. And some of these are pretty good and worth considering.

For starters, Assassin's Creed Odyssey is down to just under $20 ($19.80). You can also pick up Mortal Kombat 11 for $25, its Aftermath expansion for $28 or the Kollection bundle of that expansion for $42, and The Crew 2 for $15.


NBA 2K20 Legend Edition is also down to $25, and the Gold Edition of The Crew 2 is $19.80 which is the better deal. So if you're thinking of buying The Crew 2, you should probably go with this option.

Lastly Trials Rising is only $12.50. Which is extremely cheap. Considering all these deals, that $10 credit for a game purchase is going to make for one super inexpensive game.