ASUS Is Working On Four New Budget Smartphones

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ASUS looks like it might have four new budget smartphones in the works. A tweet from a tipster has leaked some details about the four new devices. This leak indicates some of the specifications and chipsets for the devices, as reported by GSM Arena.

The last few weeks have been busy for ASUS with the launch of the ZenFone 7 series. The company has had to work on its marketing campaign for the device which will come with the world’s first triple flip camera. More details have also become clearer about the device over recent weeks including its detailed specifications.

Unlike the ZenFone 7, these four new smartphones look to be a move back towards more budget devices by ASUS. Since the departure of CEO Jerry Shen in 2018, the company has shifted away from this market slightly.


It has instead focused on its flagships and gaming ROG lineup. ASUS has worked on cheaper models in this time such as the ZenFone Live (L2) but none of its offerings has been as successful as The ZenFone Max Pro (M2) which was the companies major budget hit. However, that may all be about to change with these new devices.

ASUS shifts focus back on to budget smartphones

All of these new devices come with specific codenames which roughly indicate their respective chipsets. The codenames are “Lito”, “Lagoon”, “Bengal”, and “Scuba”.

The “Lito” is likely to use the Snapdragon 765/765G. Whilst the “Lagoon” probably refers to the Snapdragon 690. These two are both modern mid-range parts. They also both included 5G modems on the chipset itself.

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The “Bengal” and “Scuba” are a little bit harder to work out, however. “Bengal” is most likely associated with either the Snapdragon 662 or the Snapdragon 460. However, that assumption is much less certain than the ones previously mentioned.

The “Scuba” may well be part of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 family of chips. Again, this is by no means certain hence the lack of detail in this assumption. These two devices appear to be more budget than the other two if these chipset assumptions prove to be correct.

This is, unfortunately, all the information available on these four new devices. Rumors suggest the name of these devices may be the ASUS Max (M3) family. However, this is only based on speculative assumptions and may prove to be false.


This is the first thing we have learnt about these devices so there are many gaps to fill in and things we do not know. We will have to keep our ears to the ground the find out any more relevant information on these devices as it comes out.