In A Situation Of Its Own Making Epic Loses App Store Dev Account

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Epic Games has lost access to its App Store dev account this afternoon as Apple has removed it.

This shouldn't come as much of a shock, though. Because Apple did warn both Epic Games and players that it was going to pull the developer account from the App Store.

As an aside, this does not include the developer account that is associated with Unreal Engine. Which many games from other developers are built on. According to the judge presiding over Epic and Apple's case, pulling access to that account would be "an overreach."


This only applies to the account that deals with Fortnite and any other games developed by Epic Games itself. Which includes titles such as the Infinity Blade series, an iOS exclusive.

With no Epic dev account in place, players can no longer update or download Fortnite

Epic's loss of its developer account associated with Fortnite has created ripples across the pond that is the iOS ecosystem.

For one, it can no longer update its games. This includes Fortnite and any other games it had on the platform. This in turn also means players can't update Fortnite to the latest version and access season 4 content. Though, that's really nothing new as updates haven't been possible since Fortnite was pulled from the App Store earlier in August.


One thing that has changed, though, is that Fortnite is also no longer available to redownload. Any one that had downloaded it before was able to redownload the game from their account page on any iOS device that had the same account on it.

No longer. Since the developer account has been removed from the App Store, the game is essentially lost in the void. Players who still have the game on their devices can still play it of course. But access to any new content or even microtransactions (for the Vbucks) are locked out.

Epic made its bed, now it must lie in it

Epic knowingly violated Apple's App Store guidelines. Furthermore, it knowingly violated Google's Play Store guidelines. Which led to both companies removing (rightfully) Fortnite from their respective stores.


It's an unfortunate situation for the players. Gamers who simply want to enjoy a game they've probably put tons of hours into and are continually being brought into this fight by Epic's CEO. A fight in which they should have no part in. In a statement put out by Apple, the company says it was disappointed that it had to terminate Epic Games' developer account.

Noting that Epic had "created this situation." Indeed it has created this situation for itself. Though there may still be light at then end of the tunnel. As Apple also stated that it hopes to work with Epic Games in the future. Even if it's not possible to do so today.