Android TV Now Apparently Supports 4K HDR For Stadia

Stadia Controller 2

Stadia on Android TV has yet to reach an official launch, but you can access it, and now it reportedly supports 4K HDR for the games that offer it.

9To5Google points out that it’s possible to set this all up. The feature was first spotted by YouTube channel ‘Cloud Gaming Xtreme.’ The feature is part of a new update to the app on Android TV devices.

And even though the app hasn’t been officially released for the platform, Google is still continuing to add Android TV functionality to the app.


4K HDR Stadia support may only be available on some Android TV devices

Before you go trying to set this up yourself, it’s important to note that not every Android TV device is likely to support this new feature.

While support hasn’t been confirmed officially by Google, 4K HDR also hasn’t been tested on every single Android TV device out there. It’s said to work on the NVIDIA SHIELD as well as the JBL Link Bar.

And it’ll probably also work for any Android TV device that actually supports 4K resolution. If you have a device that fits into that category it’s rather easy to enable it.


All of this is of course done in the Stadia application on your Android TV. And will be located in the same place as it would if you were changing the resolution for other devices. Like your phone or Chromecast Ultra.

Enable the two features from the performance section

Whether or not you’ve already got Stadia loaded onto your Android TV, enabling these two graphical settings is pretty straightforward.

Simply open up the Stadia app on your Android TV device and then open the settings menu. From there scroll and find the performance section. Once there you should see two new options there.


One for getting resolution in games at up to 4K, and a toggle for HDR. Select 4K and flip the toggle and you’re good to go. Now games that support both of these will show up with a higher resolution and better, more vibrant colors.

Quite honestly, it’s a bit curious that Google would enable these features before officially releasing Stadia onto the Android TV platform. Even if you can sideload the app and use it.

Either way, if you have an Android TV device, you can now forego using the Chromecast Ultra without having to give up the better resolution for games.