Android 10 Devices Can Now Use Android 11 Emojis

android 11 emojis gboard

As per a recent report by Android Police, Google, by will or by accident, has added the new Android 11 emojis on Android 10 devices. Emojis are one of the most important parts of expressing our feelings via texts. In this digital world, there are people who still prefer text or calls. And emojis play an important role in establishing emotional communication.

Earlier this year, Unicode 13 was introduced, which brought along 62 new emojis (117 variations) on Android devices. Notably, these 62 new emojis were added to the Android 11 Beta 1 update. Meaning that you need to be running Android 11 Beta 1 to enjoy these new emojis.

Well, it is a no brainer that in order to get support for new emojis, you need to receive an OS update. But with this new report, Android 10 users can now not only send but also display Android 11 emojis using a combo of Gboard and Messages. Moreover, Google might be using the Emoji Compatibility Library, which was introduced along with Android 8.0 Oreo.


This library allows the older devices to view emojis from newer versions of Android. Apparently, the main idea is to avoid the black square you see when someone sends you a non-compatible emoji.

This could be Google’s way of showing off new Android 11 emojis

As per one of Android Police’s tipster, new Android 11 emojis popped up in the Messages application on the Pixelbook. And confirming this piece of info, another tipster confirmed the arrival of Android 11 emojis on the mobile app on OnePlus 6 device. Both the tipsters confirmed that the all the new Android 11 emojis including “lighter blue for all tears, a proper red for hearts, ninja, disguised face, smiling face with a tear, pinched fingers, lungs, anatomical heart, polar bear, mammoth, blueberries, bell pepper, and more.” However, one drawback of this is that you have to manually scroll down and search for the emoji, as it cannot be searched by keyword.

Another theory coming from a Redditor is that these Android 11 emojis not always show up. The Reddit user shared a comparison image of his Gboard on his OnePlus 7 Pro. The image clearly shows that Android 11 emojis show up in Messages. But on Twitter and Chrome, the existing Android 10 emojis are showing up.

gboard comparison android 11 emojis
Gboard Messages (left) and Twitter (right)

Apparently, a third tipster confirmed that the new Android 11 emojis are also showing up on WhatsApp. Sadly though, emojis cannot be seen once they are sent via WhatsApp. Moreover, these new emojis showed up on Gboard app v9.6.16 beta and Messages v6.4.039 beta. Unfortunately, when Android Police tested both the app on Pixel 4 XL Android 10, the new emojis did not show up. So, this means that this might be a test that Google is doing for a limited set of users.

We cannot say for sure that installing the said app versions will bring the new Android 11 emojis for you as well. But we will keep our eyes on this development.