Android 11 Beta Update Breaks Pixel 4a "For Fun" Wallpapers, Fix Coming

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The new Pixel 4a received the Android 11 Beta update recently. However, the latest reports from Android Police point that it has broken the 'For Fun' new wallpapers that Google pushed for the Pixel 4a.

Notably, these "fun" wallpapers include some quirky wallpapers that, unlike other smartphone brands, try to embrace the punch-hole in the display of the Pixel 4a.

We have seen in the past that although smartphone OEM implements a punch-hole design on their phones, they provide a bunch of wallpapers that try to hide the very hole which was implemented by themselves.


On the flip side, Google's "fun" new wallpapers try to highlight the Pixel 4a's pinhole cutout. But the recently released Android 11 Beta update just broke the wallpapers.

In fact, it applies a crop to the wallpapers for a new zoomed-in transition introduced on Android 11. So, this crop complements the zoom transition when you open the app drawer or multi-task.

However, in return, it makes the "fun" wallpapers useless. Useless in the way that it looks a bit weird and odd when applied on a Pixel 4a running on Android 11 beta.

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Luckily, this issue won't be there for long as Google is reportedly planning a fix for this issue soon. So, it is just a matter of time that the "For Fun" wallpapers would be once again, fun to use.

Pixel 4a boasts a simple design and a pinhole display at the front

If you have been living under a rock, Pixel 4a was recently released. The phone has been receiving some rave reviews from the tech fraternity. Thanks to the good combination of features and price, Pixel 4a is an actual mid-range device from Google.

The display size is 5.81-inches and sports a pinhole-style camera in the top left corner. Moreover, with the introduction of "For Fun" wallpapers, Google made it a highlighting feature of the device.


There are a bunch of wallpapers like a camera into a dog's nose, the wheel of a skateboard, a hole in a bowling ball, and a toy for animals, and many more.

If you are also interested in trying out these new fun wallpapers on your Pixel 4a then you can head over here to download the pack. However, note that these wallpapers are almost not "fun to use" if you are running an Android 11 Beta update.

Fortunately, Google will be rolling out a fix for this issue before the Android 11 rolls out in its stable form. We will keep our eyes glued for any further developments in this regard.


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