Android 11 Beta 3 Survey Seeks User Feedback Before Stable Rollout

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Android 11 is a hot topic right now for all Android smartphone users. In a recent development, as per 9to5Google, Google is now sending out user surveys regarding Android 11 Beta 3 before the final stable rollout.

Google is putting the final touches on the almost-baked Android 11 OS. It delivered the Android 11 Beta 3 update last Thursday for all the Pixel devices, including Pixel 2, 3, 3a, and 4.

However, Google does not want to rush things before the final product comes out the next month. The Android 11 Beta 3 update brought tons of new additions like the Android 11 Easter Egg, new Media settings, new emojis, redesigned Power menu, forced 90Hz for Pixel 4, and much more.


And now the company wants user feedback on the Android 11 Beta 3. Via this survey, users can point out the bugs and glitches which they want Google to fix in the Android 11 OS in its stable version.

This Google user feedback survey regarding Android 11 Beta 3 includes 10 metrics to rank the current OS

Google has collected user feedbacks via surveys throughout the Android 11 beta program. Besides, it wants the final say from the users before the company gets all set to release the Android 11 OS, the next month.

The survey starts off by thanking the users for their active participation in the feedbacks throughout the beta program. After which the users have to confirm their device and build number.


Once that is done, the next page reveals the 10 features on which users have to rate their satisfaction. These 10 features/metrics include stability, performance, battery, camera, call quality, WiFi connectivity, and more.

After punching your satisfaction levels to each of the features, there is a question that asks whether you would recommend Android 11 Beta 3 to your friends or family in the current state.

This next question is how this beta build compares to the previous Android 11 beta build. There are 4 options to choose from i.e. Better, Same, Worse and I didn’t try the previous beta build.


The final two questions are related to the top issues faced while using Android 11 Beta 3 and whether you would like to provide additional feedback for your experience.

Android 11 stable update is due in September

Google releases its new OS every year in the month of September. And it is confirmed that the Android 11 stable update will debut the next month.

So, via this user feedback survey, Google is giving its audience a final chance to raise issues regarding Android 11 OS. If you want to check out the complete Google survey on Android 11 Beta 3, you can head here.