Take To The Stars With Starfinder, A New Alexa-Based RPG

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Amazon is launching a new voice-based RPG game for Alexa smart speakers called Starfinder.

The game is voiced by Nathan Fillion of Firefly and Castle fame. He also voiced Cayde-6 in Destiny 2 for most of the character’s lifespan. Laura Bailey is also part of the cast. If you’re unfamiliar, she recently voiced a big role in The last Of Us Part 2.

Starfinder on Alexa is based on the Starfinder tabletop RPG game. However Amazon says that it worked closely with the creators to ensure its version would offer a “no-knowledge” gameplay approach.


Meaning you wouldn’t need to know anything about the lore of the tabletop RPG to play this one. It also follows closely with the original game’s lore and is authentic to source material and is more “narrative-driven.” Which makes sense given the game is played through voice on a voice-powered Alexa speaker.

You can start playing the Starfinder RPG on Alexa speakers today

The game is available to play starting from today. It will be episodic and episodes will be released across a two-part wave. With the first half of the episodes being made available immediately.

The second half of the six-part series will launch in October. You can also play the pilot episode of Starfinder, which initially launched near the end of last year.


Both the pilot episode and the first episode are also free. So you can dive into it at no charge to check it out. If you like it, you can continue playing at $2 per episode. Or, you can pay $10 and get all six episodes.

Keeping in mind that you can only play the pilot and the first three episodes of the series right now.

Starfinder provides around 13 hours of playtime

If you’re worried about content, you shouldn’t be. Amazon says there is about 13 hours of playtime across all of the episodes.


That breaks down to about 2 hours per episode. Aside from the gametime, players will be able to sort of direct the narrative and outcome of the game with choices they make.

This also means it could be possible to shorten or lengthen the game just a little bit. Not to mention how much time you spend playing will depend partly on how long it takes you to make decisions.

If you’ve got an Alexa speaker and you’re curious to give the game a try, a simple voice command will get things going. Just say Alexa, open Starfinder and that will kickstart things.