Turn Your Chromebook Into A Gaming PC With GeForce NOW

GeForce NOW For Chromebook

Chromebook users have had it pretty sweet since Stadia launched in 2019, but things are even sweeter today because NVIDIA just announced GeForce NOW support for the platform.

That’s right, you can now stream games on your Chromebook using GeForce NOW. Basically turning your Chromebook into a high-performance gaming PC.

Stadia essentially did the same thing. But with GeForce NOW you’re getting access to PC games that Stadia may not have. If you already own a gaming PC for home but use a Chromebook while you’re away from home, you can still access many of your favorite PC games.


GeForce NOW is still in a beta state with the Chromebook platform

While the service has now expanded to Chromebook users, GeForce NOW is not in a fully launched state like it is for PC and Android users.

For Chromebooks the service is available, but it’s available in beta. Which means there will likely be updates that are made to this version of the platform. Players should temper their expectations for how things work.

Because even though beta software can be stellar, there can still be an issue or two. That’s worth keeping that in mind as NVIDIA works to improve GeForce NOW on Chrome OS.


Getting started with GeForce NOW on Chromebooks is a very simple process. Simpler in fact than it is on PC or Android devices. All gamers need to do is plug in a mouse, and then head to play.geforcenow.com and log into their account to start playing games.

There’s no application to download here. That should help you launch into games faster, which leads to more time gaming and less time waiting around for apps to boot up. This is basically the same way it works with Stadia. So it should feel pretty straightforward.

Chromebook users will get access to Steam Game Sync soon

One of the best features on GeForce NOW will be available to Chromebooks. Steam Game Sync.


NVIDIA recently launched Steam Game Sync for PC and Mac. And while it won’t be available on Chromebooks with the launch of the GeForce NOW beta today, it is coming sometime soon.

With Steam Game Sync, users on Chromebooks have it easy. Because they’ll be able to sync their entire Steam library with the library on GeForce NOW. Automatically surfacing any compatible games.

This will cut out a small chunk of legwork that users would have to do themselves. Which is searching for compatible games that GeForce NOW supports. If you’ve already got a large library of games in Steam but aren’t sure whether they’re on GeForce NOW as well, let GeForce NOW do the work for you.


The launch of GeForce NOW on Chromebooks comes at a pretty good time. NVIDIA just launched its new pricing bundle, which includes six months of Founders access as well as a battle pass token for Hyper Scape and some in-game content for it.