YouTube Tests Full-Screen Description Pages On Mobile

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YouTube is now trying out a slight redesign that allows full-screen description pages for videos on the platform. The change, spotted in testing by 9to5Google, does precisely what that implies. Rather than only providing descriptions with a small space below videos, users can slide the description upward to fill the whole page.

The redesign introduces a line to the UI, at least on Android, showing that it can be tapped and dragged around. Or, users are still free to simply scroll through the description as before. When in full-screen mode, YouTube presents users with an ‘x’ icon at the top-right-hand corner of the description UI. That, as might be guessed, lets the description be quickly closed.

How is this different from how YouTube currently handles a description?

The change here, as seen in the images below provided by the source, is subtle. The new interface is still tucked behind the standard chevron-shaped down-arrow to get to the description, to begin with. So that functionality doesn’t appear to be changing at all. Descriptions aren’t suddenly going to be easier to spot and access.


But, as noted above, they will be easier to read, particularly where long descriptions are concerned. And it will bring the overall look more in line with other modern apps.

For at least some users, the change is appearing with the description itself being made more prominent too. Namely, YouTube gave the description box rounded corners and set it on its own card on the page. That sits above the rating and sharing UI, making it stand out just a bit more.

This is still very much in testing

The new description UI for YouTube seems to be in A/B testing, as of this writing. That means it’s only showing up for a handful of end-users and mostly seems to be random. So users shouldn’t expect it to appear on their end just yet. Or any time soon.


There’s no guarantee that Google will follow through on this change to push it out across all of YouTube. That’s likely going to come back to what kind of feedback it gets in response to this initial test period. If that’s mostly good, there’s a good chance the new UI will be making its way out more widely in the near future. It will likely arrive as a server-side update when it does, as with other previous updates to the app.

YouTube Full-Screen Description from 9to5Google
YouTube is testing full-screen description sheets on mobile