Xiaomi Teases 2020 Global Event For Wearables, Phones, TVs & Scooters

Xiaomi 2020 global event image from Xiaomi Twitter

Xiaomi has taken to Twitter with a newly-spotted image hinting at devices it might launch during its upcoming 2020 Global launch event. The event itself, the image text notes, takes place on July 15 at “20:00 GMT+8.” It also notes where users can watch the event live. Unsurprisingly, that’s on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or directly from Xiaomi’s site.

In terms of timing, for clarity, the announcement places the event at 8-hours after 20:00 Greenwich Mean Time. But far more interesting is the “2020” Xiaomi has placed behind the event details. That’s because it is clearly intended to be a teaser of what’s to come, with each number showing at least one product to be announced.

There are at least four gadgets in the numbers

The first “2” in that lineup obviously points to a new Xiaomi-branded electric scooter. There’s a wheel at the center of the loop and the lower-leg of the number looks suspiciously like handlebars. The two “0”s are also fairly obvious. The first closely resembles the watch face and shape of Xiaomi’s new Mi Band 5 wearable.


The second “0” resembles a remote control and there’s a TV icon at the center. That could point to a new TV. But it more likely points to an upcoming Xiaomi-branded Mi Android TV dongle.

Could there be one more device at the 2020 Xiaomi global event?

Now, the first “2” and both “0”s in Xiaomi’s image are fairly obvious. At its surface, so is the second “2” in the image. But that may not be quite as obvious as an initial glance suggests.

The second number two is split into two parts by the date and time information. The upper half contains a horizontally-aligned camera array and fingerprint scanner. The cameras are coupled with two other sensors. Presumably, only one of those is an LED flash. So the other may be an advanced distance sensor. But the lower half of the “2” doesn’t necessarily align with a smartphone.


As it’s been drawn out, the lower leg appears to represent some kind of stand, perhaps for a smart display with a speaker protruding from the back. Or, that may be an accessory for the smartphone in question. That could be a speaker-enabled charging dock or PC-style dock. Conversely, it could also be meant to represent earbuds. Those could ship with the device or separately.

Whatever it is, the second “2” is far from as obvious as the other digits.