Xiaomi Explores Another Take On Wrap-Around Smartphone Displays

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Xiaomi is taking another look at how wrap-around displays can improve the smartphone experience. That’s according to reports about a recent patent filing with the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA).

The patented device is fairly straightforward. The entire front of the handset is comprised of the screen. In this design, that wraps around the edge on both sides. And there’s a second display covering the lower two-thirds of the rear panel too.

That all appears to be functioning as the same panel — or could actually be comprised of a single panel. The wallpaper from the front in associated images wraps cleanly around the entire device.


This Xiaomi wrap-around smartphone patent is surprisingly detailed

Now, Xiaomi has patented wrap-around smartphone displays before and it’s even used them. So that’s not entirely new. But the implementation of that technology is and this patent is surprisingly detailed.

In the images, there are a number of components shown surrounding the circular-shaped primary camera. Those are visible through the surrounding rear panel in one image and not in another. That gives the impression that either two variants will be sold, one with a see-through panel and one without. Or that the glass used over-top of the segment will be see-through under certain conditions.

Conversely, this may just be intended as a way to show how underlying components are arranged in the patent itself. Regardless, there’s quite a lot to talk about there.


To begin with, a 5G modem is shown at the top-right-hand side. That’s up and to the right of “design by Xiaomi” branding that’s emblazoned on the components. Another piece of branding touts MIUI, Xiaomi’s Android overlay. Other markings denote the inclusion of an ‘AI Super camera’ and an ‘AI GPU’. That’s in addition to a few other markings that are less distinguishable.

The wrap-around display may actually help the primary snapper take the place of a selfie camera too. Along either top or bottom edge, there’s no selfie snapper or indication of a pop-up camera either.

But why is this so detailed?

The level of detail shown in the patent seems to indicate that Xiaomi has put a bit more thought into this design than others. That could mean that plans to use the design are also more likely. Or, at the very least, that plans based on the design are more developed than other patents that have been filed. But, as always, patents don’t guarantee a final device. So it remains to be seen if that’s the case.

01 Xiaomi Patent from TechiesBlog
Xiaomi’s wrap-around case design touts what look’s like a transparent rear panel