Why Choose Android Devices For Your College?

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We always associate college with freedom and parties: indeed, we enjoy this wonderful period of our youth by having fun, hanging out, traveling, and receiving new great experiences. However, college is also about hard studies unless you plan to drop out the following semester. You will have to face such challenges as exhausting lectures and seminars, piles of home assignments, taking part in meetings and conferences, writing papers, and working on complicated tech projects. Often you will be coming up with the question “who can do my homework for me?” until you find a reliable service to pay for an essay. With all this, you will not survive without a great Android device to cope with the workload.

Top values of Android in college

When it comes to the range of Android devices on the market today, there are many reasons to choose this OS to use in college. Many companies starting from Samsung and Huawei, implement great features that iOS owners can only dream about. Besides, you can always find something meeting your needs at an affordable price. First, Android devices are very flexible in terms of customization so that you can not only choose the way it looks but also set it up and use the most convenient way. Thus, you can transform your device into a multi-purpose tech instrument that will help you in education.

Secondly, you won`t believe how many useful apps this platform provides: everything you might need for your education (including writing apps and STEM learning) and entertainment after, is available at Google Play Store. Tech students can build their own apps and upload there as there are not so many restrictions as Apple gives. While now the majority of users have Android-based phone models, they can enjoy its benefits from Google assistant to VR and smart car integration; there are many reasons to choose Android to use in college. And here is why:


1. Learning Android development

Tech students graduating from colleges now have sufficient skills and training in Android development as it mostly has open-source projects. This helps to enlarge the industry and provide high-quality software and have a great community of developers;

2. Smartphone makers` love


Different companies producing smartphones consider Android as a very powerful operational system. It offers a variety of options, customization, and other great bonuses when producing a model which makes it so attractive for college students when they make their choice;

3. Use of branded mobile wallets

You have probably heard a lot about Android Pay or, as it used to be called, Google Wallet, which is secure and provides encrypted payment and shipping. However, Android developers and mobile companies work together on creating new options for bank-branded wallets using host card emulation;


4. ML and VR trends

Google has now open-sourced its recent Machine Learning library running on mobile so you can learn more about it. The same goes for virtual reality opportunities: there is a variety of apps helping you understand more about complicated objects by perfect visualization and interaction;

5. Native user experience


Android developers keep improving user experiences creating instant and progressive web apps. With all these new techniques and hybrid apps, development efforts are minimized, and users can feel the difference;

6. Tools improved

With more technologies involved, now you can expect Google services to be improved and other apps working faster and providing you with more pleasant experience;


7. Running Cloud platform

With so many competitors to Firebase, new Google`s platform called Unity is a great choice. Besides, cloud services are exactly what you need to always have the necessary information at hand and freely exchange it by sharing access;

8. Value for automakers


This is not exactly related to college but also worth noticing as one of the great Android benefits. Most car manufacturers (except, maybe, Toyota) are eager to accept Android solutions for mapping and autonomous driving. It still needs to create frameworks to diminish distractions, but in general, smartphone apps even for old cars do impress.

With so many benefits Android offers, it is also loved by hackers. However, the good news is that it uses protective technologies to guarantee safety for the consumers. These are better coding practices and security protocols with multiple layers available for your smartphone.