WhatsApp Working On Mute Always and Expiring Messages Features


WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging platforms. Over the years, WhatsApp has grabbed tons of new features. However, there are times when a new feature, which is spotted in the beta app, takes too much time to come to the stable app.

But the new version of the WhatsApp Beta app shows that the company is working on some new features. Besides, they might also come to the stable version for all the users.

Notably, the latest WhatsApp beta update is spotted with features like Mute Always and expiring messages. Presently, there is a feature that allows users to mute a chat or a group for a year.


But after a year, the chat is again un-muted and you have to manually mute that particular chat or group. However, as per a post by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp beta brings a "Mute Always" feature which will let you stay in the group silently without getting disturbed from the notification of that group or chat.

WhatsApp Beta shows expiring message option as well

Well, expiring or self-destructing message is a feature that is already available on Telegram. For the unaware, Telegram has more features and offers more security options than WhatsApp.

Besides, dark mode arrived on Telegram way before it made its debut on WhatsApp. Fortunately, the latest WhatsApp beta shows that the developers are working on expiring messages feature.


Expiring messages is a security feature that allows users to send chats that will automatically self destruct. Notably, WhatsApp has capped the time frame to 7 days. Meaning that your messages will disappear only after 7 days.

Well, we hope that WhatsApp brings more options for the timed message if at all this feature makes its way to the stable version.

WABetaInfo found mute always and expiring messages features on the WhatsApp beta app versions and, respectively. Both the features are currently added in the 'under development' category.


This means that it will be pushed in future updates for the app. On top of that, WhatsApp is also planning to update its Privacy Policy for all the Brazilian users of the WhatsApp application.

This will be available for the users in the form of a banner. And will be available for both Android and iOS users. There is no clarity on what this newly updated Privacy Policy includes. But we think that it might be related to WhatsApp payment, which was recently enabled and disabled in the country.