WhatsApp Introduces New Features Including Animated Sticker Packs

Whatsapp AH NS 04

WhatsApp has introduced a whole host of new features including animated sticker packs as reported by Pocket Now. This feature was rumoured to be coming earlier in June but it looks like it is here now. Other new features include QR codes, one-tap group video calling amongst others.

We knew a group of new features were being tested by the app in June. However, this a big bunch of new content to users to sink their teeth into. WhatsApp has also released a teaser video to hype the new sticker packs.

WhatsApp launches a bunch of new features

Its not just the animated sticker packs that are coming to WhatsApp. Other features are also on the way. These include QR codes for contacts. This feature allows users to add someone’s contacts simply by scanning their unique QR code.


WhatsApp has also launched a dark mode for its desktop client. This brings the device and desktop versions of the app into line with each other. On the face of it, these are relatively simple changes to the app. However, to have them all occur oat once is quite impressive and shows a decent expansion from WhatsApp.

Changes to Video Calling Also Introduced

WhatsApp has also responded to issues with its video calling system. With more and more video calls occurring in lockdown some found the 8-person tiled view quite cramped.

Now the app has introduced a feature allowing you to expand one person’s video feed. Simply tap then hold and they will expand.


Also, WhatsApp is making video calls easier for users. If a group chat has 8 or fewer participants there is now a dedicated video call button. This just makes it that little bit easier to call your friends. The status feature on WhatsApp has also made the status feature available on KaiOS.

Overall, this is a seriously impressive set of updates and new features from WhatsApp. On their own, there is nothing to write home about. Except for perhaps the introduction of animated sticker packs. However, this has been known for a while and it was only a matter of time before they rolled out.

It is nice to see the desktop client receiving a dark mode so it is brought up to date. The introduction of QR codes for contacts and changes to video calling is also useful. As a whole this is very useful for users and probably will make the more appreciative than if they all came out one by one.