'Watch With Friends' App Brings Watch Parties To Your TV


Caavo has launched a new application to the Google Play Store, an app called ‘Watch With Friends’. This is an Android app, but it’s quite interesting, as it can sync your content across your devices.

This app can synchronize Netflix across your TV and desktop, so that you can watch the content together with your friends, wherever you are. Its reach spans from Roku and Apple TV, to a Chrome browser.

Watch With Friends app comes with a built-in chat feature

The company has also built-in a chat feature in the app, so that you can chat with your friends while you’re watching something. Do note that only Netflix is available at the moment, but more services are coming.


The company has promised to roll out a software update starting at the end of this week. Once that rolls out, you’ll get support for over 40 new apps, such as Disney+ and HBO Max, and a number of new devices.

Those devices include Roku soundbars, for example. On top of that, a streamlined on-screen experience will be added, and voice search will be improved.

You can create watch parties, or easily join them. Simply type in the name of an existing watch party, and you’ll be able to join without a problem.


The host of a party has all the playback controls. You’ll be able to play, pause, fast forward, and rewind video directly from within the app, even though it’s playing on your TV, monitor, or wherever else.

If you’re a host of a watch party, you’ll be able to type in a PIN in order to keep that party protected. In fact, you’ll be requested to enter it in order to start and end a party.

You'll need an extension for watch parties in Chrome

If you’d like to use this app in collaboration with your Chrome browser, you’ll need to download an extension for it.


In terms of the design, this app is extremely simple. It’s really simple to navigate, as it will lead you to your goal one step at a time. First you’ll be required to enter the name of an existing party, or create a new one.

If you do decide to create a new party, you’ll be asked to invite your friends over. Of course, you don’t have to do that, as they can simply find your party manually, if they know the name of it.

From there, you’ll need to connect to your Apple TV, Roku Player, or Chrome. It’s pretty straightforward from there. The built-in chat feature even allows you to send voice memos instead of text, if that’s what you prefer.


Watch With Friends (Google Play Store)