Walmart+ Will Launch This Month To Compete With Amazon Prime

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Walmart+ is will launch in July, according to a report out of Recode.

Walmart is planning to launch its subscription service later this month as a competitor to Amazon Prime, and offer up some unique benefits, at a cheaper price.

Walmart+ was originally due to launch in the Spring, but it was pushed back due to the pandemic, and now we know it is coming in July. So it only be a few weeks away, if not sooner.


How much is Walmart+ going to cost me?

Walmart+ is going to cost you $98/year. That comes in at $21 cheaper per year than Amazon Prime does right now.

Though Amazon Prime offers a lot more than just same-day shipping and unlimited free two-day and next-day shipping. So what does Walmart+ have to offer?

Well, in addition to same-day delivery of groceries, subscribers also get discounts at Walmart gas stations, as well as early access to deals. There will likely be even more to sweeten the deal too.

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These are all based on the sources that Vox has talked with. Walmart has not yet announced Walmart+, even though it is due to launch in July. So it is likely to be announced rather soon.

Unlimited same-day grocery delivery is looking really good right about now

With the ongoing global pandemic, very few people are liking leaving their house to do anything. Let alone get some groceries. And with other services being severely backed up right now. Like Instacart and Shipt, getting unlimited same-day grocery delivery from Walmart is looking really nice.

Of course, that is if there is a Walmart near you. While Walmart has not yet announced the program, there is likely going to be some terms and conditions about how far a Walmart store can be from you, to get this same-day delivery. There are parts of the US, where a Walmart is well over an hour away.


While Amazon does have a head start on Walmart in this space, there is room for Walmart to grow. The discounts on gas are really going to help push people towards Walmart+. But the catch is finding a Walmart with a gas station – I, myself, have never seen one, so the are likely very rare right now. And while Amazon is in the grocery business, thanks to its Whole Foods purchase a few years ago, it doesn’t quite have the catalog that Walmart might have for delivery.