Students: Save Up To $25 On Your Verizon Bill & Get Free Disney+


The new Verizon student discount is now available, and students can start signing up for it today.

The student discount will get you between $10 and $25 off of your monthly bill, depending on the account that you have. And you can also get free Disney+ for a year. Which isn't too shabby.

Who is this Verizon student discount for?

Well, it's for students. Specifically college students. And this includes undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students. Unfortunately, this does not apply to families of college students or those in high school. And once you have graduated, the discount is gone.


It's not a huge discount off of your bill, but if your bill is $70/month currently that is nearly 15% off of the regular price. So that's nothing to sneeze at. Especially if you're in college, as money is likely pretty tight. Even before this global pandemic really set in, in the past few months.

What do I get with this discount?

Verizon will knock $10 off per month for single-line accounts and $25 per month on two-line accounts.

You will need to be on one of Verizon's unlimited plans to get this discount. Those plans start at $70 and range up to $90 per month.


On top of that, you will also get a free year of Disney+, and Apple Music is also tossed in for the Play More and Get More unlimited plans. Making the pot even sweeter.

How do I sign up for this discount?

All you need to do is click the link here. And you'll be taken through the sign up process.

Verizon is going to ask for proof that you are a student. Of course, this is expected, as otherwise just anyone could get this discount and not just students. This is pretty common with student discounts though, so don't be too shocked by it.


Once you have completed your registration, Verizon will email you to confirm. And after that, you should start seeing the discount hitting your bill. It costs nothing to sign up for this discount, so you might as well do it, and take advantage of it while you're still in school and can actually use it.

Verizon is currently the only wireless carrier that offers a student discount. But as we've seen in the past few years in this industry, that will likely change. And we'll probably see AT&T and T-Mobile follow suite pretty soon. And they may even one-up Verizon.

Verizon Student Discount