Unboxing Video Gives The Latest Look At The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Featured Image AH

Samsung is scheduled to announce the Galaxy Watch 3 on August 5, but an unboxing video that has shown up on YouTube has other plans when it comes to revealing the design.

Granted, this isn’t the first leak that has given away the design. Earlier this month, the Galaxy Watch 3 has popped up on a couple of different occasions, so the unboxing is just the latest leak to come up.

And it probably won’t be the last leak either as Unpacked isn’t until August 5. Which is still a little over a week away. There is bound to be some other stuff showing up before the event. Though, there doesn’t seem to be much else left to the imagination.


Really all that’s unknown is how much the watch will officially cost, and when it’ll be available to buy as well as which regions it’ll go on sale first.

The unboxing video shows off the Galaxy Watch 3 in Mystic Bronze

It’s already known that there will be at least two colors of this watch. From the earlier leaks, there’s going to be a black model and a bronze model.

The unboxing video below shows the watch in its Mystic Bronze color. Which is basically the same color as the Galaxy Note 20 series devices that are expected to be announced alongside the watch.


Samsung is no stranger to keeping similar color schemes for products that it releases in the same year. And it doesn’t seem to be any different with these upcoming devices.

One interesting bit is the change in packaging for the watch this time around. With the Galaxy Watch Active 2, Samsung used a smaller box that was more of a cube shape. But with the Galaxy Watch 3 it’s using a longer box that when opened, presents the watch with both straps fully extended.

It comes in two different sizes

The Galaxy Watch 3 will come in a 41mm size. This much is shown off in the video. But it will also come in a larger 45mm size for those that prefer it.


Based on a leak from July 27, the watch will be offered in both sizes, and all colors should be available in either size. Though that hasn’t necessarily been made clear yet. If anything, Samsung should offer up that information during its Unpacked event on August 5.

Alongside the Galaxy Watch 3, Samsung is expected to reveal the Galaxy Note 20 series, the Galaxy Buds Live, and at least one other device.