Twitch Is Getting Into Sports And Will Stream A Range Of Content


Twitch is a platform that is mostly known for its livestreams of video games, but soon it'll be known as a place to go and watch livestreams of sports.

Today Twitch announced that it would be launching a new sports category and that it would list a variety of different sports content from Soccer clubs to NFL games to UFC matches.

The category itself is already live so you can check it out. Twitch did say that it will begin broadcasting sports through its Twitchsports channel too. With content already going live as of sometime earlier today.


Twitch wants to be your new home for sports content

Twitch adding a sports category is a play by Amazon to move even further into streaming sports content. And it seems to be working.

The Twitchsports channel went live earlier today and it's currently sitting at 8.6k viewers and counting. The sports category as a whole has 11.8k viewers, so Twitch's own channel for sports definitely has the bulk of streaming sports viewers right at the time of writing.

The category in general though only has 2.4k followers. And that number is likely to go the more time that both the category and the Twitchsports channel are up and running.


It also showcases that not only can Twitch be a home for livestreams of video games and variety streams, but for sports too. Just like the category, the Twitchsports channel will play host to a variety of different sports content.

Today the channel is ranging from NBA to UFC and more. With two-hour timeslots being dedicated to each one.

The sports category will be the home of professional and non-professional streams

Users can already find a handful of different content in the sports category. Some of it features professional athletes and covers professional sports.


While other channels seem to include things sports radio shows and more. Of course there are going to be streams that focus on sports video games too. And players may find the odd channel on occasion. For example there's currently a channel that's live where a person is just playing Dead Space. Which has nothing to do with sports at all.

This isn't the first time that Twitch has ventured into being a platform for sports livestreaming. In fact the Twitchsports channel as mentioned is a relaunch and was something that Twitch used to offer before. Now though it seems to making an even bigger push into the space.