Three OnePlus TVs Get New Features, Including Kids Mode & More


OnePlus has started pushing out a new update for OnePlus TVs, and that update brings new features along with it. Both Q series OnePlus TVs are getting these new features, along with a brand new OnePlus TV 55U1.

So, both flagship TV models are getting it, and the company’s largest budget option. As most of you probably already know, the OnePlus TV Q1 and Q1 launched last year. The OnePlus TV 55U1 followed quite recently, along with two other models.

This new update is bringing Data Saver Plus, Kids Mode, and a Connect app for iOS devices (that can be downloaded from the App Store).


New update for OnePlus TVs weighs 853MB, and brings new features to the table

This update weighs about 853MB, and it is rolling out as we speak. Do note that all of these TVs have been launched in India only, at least for now.

It is also worth pointing out that this is a staged rollout. In other words, it is rolling out at the moment, but it may not be available to everyone just yet. It is rolling out in stages, basically. Everyone should get it in the coming days, though.

Now, for those of you who are wondering what is Data Saver Plus. That is an enhanced version of the Data Saver feature, says OnePlus. It will keep a check on data usage through bandwidth control. It will also enable data usage alerts, and will monitor monthly usage.


Kids Mode is yet another addition here. Many parents will probably find this useful. Thanks to this mode, you can enforce control on apps, limit watch times, and an eye protection function is also included.

In this version, you can also long-press any poster in the OxygenPlay homepage in order to see a pop-up window with information, and enhanced UI.

These are some useful features the company has added, that’s for sure. Kids Mode was long overdue for the OnePlus TV Q1 and Q1 Pro units, and it’s finally here.


These new TVs are considerably more affordable than the Q1 and Q1 Pro models

That being said, the all-new OnePlus TVs are considerably more affordable than the OnePlus Q1 and Q1 Pro. Truth be said, they’re also inferior to the company’s 4K TVs.

Still, the all-new OnePlus TVs are quite compelling in their own right. Truth be said, the smallest one is only HD ready, but the other two come with fullHD+ panels.

OnePlus is expected to continue releasing updates for its TVs, all of them. We’re expecting to see some new features and various improvements in the coming months.


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