This New Mini Razer Keyboard Looks Perfect For Minimalists


Razer isn't one to be shy about its gamer culture, and despite it's mini frame Razer's newest keyboard is anything but shy. Minimalist is more on the nose when you're talking about the Huntsman Mini.

Prior to now, Razer had literally zero keyboard options for gamers that wanted something that had more of a mini design. Save for the Turret lapboard, which is actually larger than the Huntsman Mini and isn't really designed for traditional PC setups.

This puts the Huntsman Mini in a unique position to capture a part of the market that Razer has never ventured into before. All of Razer's other keyboards are massive, mighty gaming peripherals. Not the Mini. As it's almost half the size of its biggest options.


"The Razer Huntsman Mini is the company's first 60-percent keyboard"

How much smaller is the Huntsman Mini than Razer's other gaming keyboards? 40-percent smaller.

The Huntsman Mini is the company's first 60-percent keyboard. It'll take up less space on your desk while still managing to look stylish like you've come to know and love of Razer products.

That smaller size comes at a cost though. The Huntsman Mini is smaller, yes, but that means there is less space for keys. And with a keyboard this small, you're giving up the arrow keys, the number pad, and the home cluster.


These aren't necessarily essential keys to have. As you can get by in your gaming without them entirely. Some users prefer these keys though. So if those are keys you want, you may want to consider something that has them.

Or, you could always give the Huntsman Mini a try and see how you like it. While the arrow keys are nice for specific games, those types of controls can always be remapped.

You can pick it up in two different colors

Razer is offering the Huntsman Mini in two different colors. There's of course the traditional matte black that Razer peripherals have had since Razer's inception years ago.


It'll also come in Razer's more recently released mercury color option that has only been around for a couple years. Both colors are available starting today and can be picked up from Amazon as well as Razer's own store, and likely other online and physical retailers.

The Huntsman Mini also comes in two different models for each color – one with clicky optical switches and one with linear optical switches.

Worth noting though is that only the clicky model is available today. Meanwhile the linear model won't be launching until August of 2020. Razer hasn't listed a specific date, either.


As expected, the Huntsman Mini is packed full of features. It supports Razer Synapse 3 for various configuration options as well as the widely versatile Chroma RGB lighting system. The keyboard's cable is USB-C and it's braided for extra durability.

It's also detachable for simpler storage and it comes with "cable latch" which Razer says will help keep it secure and in place during use. You'll also find two pop-out feet that prop the keyboard up for a slightly different angle.

Overall the Huntsman Mini isĀ the keyboard you want if you want something small and if it has to come from Razer. You can grab the Huntsman Mini in either black or mercury for $120 over on Amazon, where Razer is also having a big sale right now on some of its other products. When it launches, the linear model will cost just $10 more.


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