This Is Why The Speakers On The ASUS ROG Phone 3 Are So Good

ASUS Rog Phone 3 1

On July 22 ASUS announced the ROG Phone 3, boasting improvements over the last version of the device, including updated speakers that promise higher quality and more immersive audio than before.

The ROG Phone II was widely praised for how good its audio was. And the ROG Phone 3 speakers are already shaping up to surpass those of the ROG Phone II.

That’s essentially because of ASUS’ partnership with Dirac. The two companies worked together to collaborate and bring mobile gamers unparalleled sound. And whether you have audio playing through the speakers or a pair of headphones, that high-quality audio should be noticeably present.


The secret to the ROG Phone 3 speakers is Dirac’s Immersive Audio Solution

So you know that the speakers sound good. Or you’ve heard from someone you know that they sound good. But how exactly?

The secret is in the Immersive Audio Solution technology from Dirac. ASUS worked with Dirac to employ this technology into the speakers. Without getting into the technical side of things, this helps the speakers on the phone produce a higher quality audio that mimics surround sound to a stunning degree.

Dirac says it uses the solution to “co-optimize” the impulses and frequencies of the speakers. Which leads to the acoustical experience being broader, thus forming what seems like surround sound to the user.

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When gaming on the phone, this is no doubt likely to enhance the experience to a much more enjoyable level.

The sound is improved on headphones too, but it’s limited to ones from ASUS

A big benefit of the Dirac audio solution used on this phone is how much better it makes things sound. This works for headphones too, but only for a select few headsets right now.

These unfortunately only include a handful of pairs from ASUS. So if you want the improvements, you’ll need to either get one of the supported pairs or simply listen through the phone speakers themselves.


A few of the headsets that support the Immersive Audio Solution are the ASUS ROG Cetra, ROG Delta, ROG Strix GO 2.4, and the ROG Theta 7.1.

There are other ROG headphones or headsets that will work with this technology too, but which ones specifically aren’t mentioned. Regardless of whether or not you have a ROG headset, the speakers on the ROG Phone 3 are likely to be the best on the market for some time.

If you’re a mobile gamer who values immersive audio, consider this device as your upgrade.