This Is The First Official Look At The ASUS ROG Phone 3

ASUS ROG Phone 3 Leak

If you were waiting for your first official look at the ASUS ROG Phone 3, wait no longer. Because this is it.

A recent leak from Evan Blass this morning shows what the official global version of the ROG Phone 3 will look like. It’s mostly the same as the leaked image from earlier this year. The only difference being that the “Tencent” logo that was shown on that earlier leak now says “Republic of Gamers.”

Considering that, it’s likely that the earlier leaked version is a model exclusive to China that is part of a partnership with Tencent. A Chinese game publisher.


An official design leak of the ROG Phone 3 at this point was inevitable

ASUS is set to launch the ROG Phone 3 in a little less than 6 days. Based on the landing page ASUS put up back on July 1, the date of the unveiling will be on this coming Tuesday, July 21.

This will be one day before the Lenovo Legion is revealed. Which is scheduled to be announced and launched on July 22 according to Lenovo’s pre-order page that went live yesterday.

The one thing to take into account is that ASUS’ landing page is its US-based site. So next Tuesday’s reveal of the ROG Phone 3 is sure to include a US-related reveal for the phone. Which should include details about its availability and pricing in the US as well.

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In Lenovo’s case, the information is on its Chinese site. So the Legion reveal may not include anything relating to the US availability. If it’ll be available in the US at all.

“The design hasn’t changed much, and that’s ok”

ASUS has certainly made a few tweaks to the design of the ROG Phone 3 compared to the ROG Phone II. The design still hasn’t changed much, though, and that’s ok.

The ROG Phone II is a stellar looking phone. So there was no need for ASUS to change much about it. That being said it has updated some of the hardware so there are a couple of things that are noticeably different and needed to changed to fit ASUS’ vision for the device.


For example, the rear camera array. There is now a third sensor so ASUS needed to extend the array just a little bit to make room for it. ASUS has also seemingly removed the little vent for the aerodynamic system on the back of the ROG Phone II.

Overall though the design is very much the same and it still looks just as clean. Not without its obvious gamer aesthetic, of course.