This Is How Much You'll Pay For An Annual Google Play Pass Subscription

Google Play Pass AH 2019

Today Google announced a few new changes to Play Pass, including an annual subscription that allows users to pay once for access to the service for the entire year.

As opposed to monthly payments, the annual Play Pass subscription is set up to save people money. As it is in many other cases for different services. Like PlayStation Plus. It’s also something that users have kind of been asking for since the day Play Pass was released.

When you consider that it’s a wonder why Google waited this long to make the annual option available. Reasons aside, the annual memberships are here now, and you can set up your annual subscription at any point.


The annual Play Pass subscription option is just $30

Need a good reason to check out Play Pass? If you’ve not done so before now, then now is a good time. Especially considering the annual option is now available for $30.

Normally Play Pass costs $4.99 monthly. And if you keep that for the full year then you end up paying $60. That’s still mostly a good deal for everything that Play Pass offers you. However, the annual option saves you quite a bit.

Half the cost in fact if you compare it to 12 months of the monthly option. Though some users might be hesitant to pay for an entire year of Play Pass up front, you don’t necessarily have to.


Google is still offering your first month free. So you could sign up for Play Pass and check it out at no cost. Then once your free trial is over, you could always decide to keep it or not. If you’re in love with it, then the annual option is definitely the better way to go.

There are 150 new games that were added today

Play Pass probably didn’t start as strong as Google was hoping when it launched initially. And part of that may have been due to what it had on offer as well as the number of apps and games that were part of the service.

Today Play Pass becomes more of a value thanks to Google adding over 150 new games and apps. This includes the likes of Sonic The Hedgehog as well as Golf Peaks, and even a collection of apps and games that are directed at kids.


Google also launched the service in new countries today, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, and the UK.

If you’ve never checked out Play Pass before, then you’ll be available for the month-long free trial.