This App Pays You To Make Contactless Payment Purchases


Making contactless payments with an app for things you buy in store is no longer something that can be done in only a very limited number of locations. Thanks to apps like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and others.

There was a time when only a handful of retail stores and businesses supported this technology. But not anymore. Contactless payments can be made with a variety of different apps, and at many different businesses.

Slide is one of those apps, and it's a little on the newer side as it just recently released. While you could just as easily use Google Pay, Slide is basically paying people to use its app for contactless payments when buying things in store.


You get 4-percent cash back when using the Slide app for contactless payments

So how do you get paid to make contactless payments using Slide? Simple. The app will give you 4-percent cash back on anything you buy with a contactless payment.

So if you're in ULTA and stock up on $90 worth of stuff, you'll get 4-percent cash back on that. ULTA is also just an example as this applies to a number of different stores.

Slide is also giving users the same amount of cash back when using the app to make payments for online purchases. So you can really use it from home if you're trying to social distance and still save quite a bit of money. Which is the end goal here.


The cash back is instant, too. So you have access to it right away if you want it. On top of all that you can stack it up for a splurge purchase.

You can transfer the instant cash back into PayPal or Venmo

If you're planning to save all the money you get back, you'll want to transfer it somewhere.

Slide has a feature baked in that lets you transfer it right away to both PayPal and Venmo. If you don't want to save it, you can simply use it to save a little money off the top when you make your next purchase.


Essentially making the cost 4-percent less than it would have been. Depending on how often you use the app, you could potentially save up quite a bit by continually transferring it. Over time, that could amount to a pretty hefty sum.

There is one small caveat. Slide is launching with a somewhat limited number of retail partners. Which means you won't be able to use it everywhere. At launch, Slide will be usable at ULTA, Office Depot, Lowes, Petco, Bed Bath & Beyond, and GameStop just to name a few.

It's also usable for food delivery with support for Chipotle, Panera Bread, DoorDash, Dominos and more. There are over 150 different retail partners. So there are more than enough places that support the service to where you can get some use out of it. And more will be added as time goes on.


Slide is free and is already available on the Play Store.