Now You Can Stream YouTube Kids Via Amazon Fire TV

Amazon FireTV AH NS 05

According to a newly-reported Amazon announcement, YouTube Kids has finally started rolling out to the company’s Fire TV platform. The child-centric app is effectively YouTube’s solution catering to younger individuals. Especially since kid-specific content on the main YouTube app is no longer quite so prevalent as a few years back.

So videos uploaded there don’t typically contain any of the content parents generally don’t want their kids viewing. Beyond that, the app is designed with oversized buttons that allow for easier interactions from the youngest audience members.

YouTube Kids brings its parental controls over to Fire TV too

As noted above, YouTube Kids is the Google-owned company’s kid-friendly YouTube alternative. It’s still very much “YouTube.” But with special considerations for a younger audience. Among those considerations, as pointed out by Amazon, is an acknowledgment that no two families or children are exactly alike. So parental controls on YouTube Kids on Amazon Fire TV aren’t universally identical either.


At least, they don’t need to be universal from account to account.

Instead, the app gives parents the ability to set up customized profiles for each family member. That allows parents a more granular level of decision-making when it comes to providing just the right amount of protection. The controls come complete with individualized time controls, subject blocking, and channel blocking.

Based on recent reports regarding how kids — teens, particularly — tend to respond to these types of controls, that’s a good thing.


When is this app coming?

The overall experience with YouTube kids should be incredibly familiar to anybody who has used the main YouTube app. As noted above, it’s also much more kid-friendly. So getting started is easy. Even where parents may not have a lot of time to log-in and wade through a lengthy setup process.

Similarly, the app itself should effectively appear on the platform on its own, without much action needed from Fire TV device owners.

As to the timeframe, many users should already be seeing the app appear on their devices. Amazon indicates that the rollout is starting from today, July 9. And it shouldn’t take too long before its available across the board.