Sprint Stores Will Become T-Mobile Stores On August 2

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In addition to announcing Scam Shield today, T-Mobile also announced what’s coming next for Sprint. And that is the fact that all Sprint stores will be unifying under the T-Mobile brand beginning on August 2.

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert mentioned that on August 2, T-Mobile will emerge as a newly combined company brand in retail. Most of the legacy Sprint stores will be rebranded with a fresh coat of magenta paint and fresh deals on the way.

In a statement, T-Mobile stated that it is “committed that a combined Sprint and T-Mobile would deliver a 5G network second to none and be a supercharged Un-carrier with the ability to up-level competition and better compete on price.” T-Mobile execs also foreshadowed some new and aggressive offers that will be unveiled next week.


Will some Sprint stores close?

T-Mobile has not said anything about any Sprint stores closing. Just that they’ll be rebranded to T-Mobile stores.

This is important because there are a number of malls and other places around the country where there are Sprint and T-Mobile stores that are very close to each other. In fact, there’s a mall in Ann Arbor that has a Sprint and T-Mobile store literally across from each other. It wouldn’t make much sense to have two T-Mobile stores that close to each other. So you’d have to imagine one will be closed – or possibly turned into a Metro by T-Mobile store.

And that’s not an anomaly, there are a lot of areas around the country where T-Mobile and Sprint stores are really close to each other.


Those announcements will likely come later on though. As the rebranding is still a couple of weeks out, for these Sprint stores. Hopefully this change won’t lead to a lot of layoffs like many people are thinking is going to happen.

This is a change we knew was coming

T-Mobile was never going to keep the Sprint brand along for very long. It was looking to merge it into the “New T-Mobile”. So seeing these Sprint stores get rebranded is not a big surprise.

Though seeing the rebranding happen so soon after the merger might be a bit of a surprise. But a good surprise.


No more of that Sprint yellow, it soon be all T-Mobile magenta when you walk through (what’s left) of the mall. It’ll definitely take some getting used to though, as Sprint stores are in most malls.