Spotify Launches Premium Duo In The US

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In an announcement, Spotify has announced that it will bring Spotify Premium Duo to the US. As Engadget reports Spotify Premium Duo which allows couples to purchase an account together comes to the territory for the first time.

This comes after Spotify launched real-time lyrics in 26 new territories. The company has also been offering a Premium three-month free trial to users. Family plans are not new to streaming services making it surprising it has taken this long for Spotify Premium Duo to the US.

Spotify Premium Duo coming to the US

The basic premise of Premium Duo is a money-saving one. Spotify brand the deal as one that is ‘under one roof’ and as a result, you will save money by taking this offer up.


Family accounts have been around for a while but not everyone needs 4-6 logins so Duo was born for couples.

Originally Premium Duo was only available in Latin America and a few European countries. However, now it is making its long-awaited debut in the US as part of another round of expansion for the company.

Simply put Premium Duo offers ad-free streaming for two people for less money than two separate subscriptions.


It will cost US subscribers $12.99/month to Premium Duo compared to $9.99/month for a single subscription. However, you do have to live at the same home address in order to be eligible for this offer. This ensures that two friends cannot take advantage of this offer without being a couple.

As well as the saving offered by this deal, users are offered a regularly updated playlist. This is based on the music that the couple listens to regularly so should be tailored to your tastes.

Not to worry about privacy or your guilty pleasures though. Each person gets their own account so this playlist will only come from songs you both listen to.


Spotify has tested Premium Duo for some time now. It first launched back in March of 2019 and was only available in Denmark, Ireland and Poland. In September the offer expanded into Latin America and 14 markets there. These included Mexico, Peru and Argentina.

The total number of countries with this offer available to the is now at 55 according to the company.

The full list is not available but hopefully, Spotify will post it soon. Overall, Premium Duo looks to be a solid offering to customers. Its move to the US demonstrates Spotify’s commitment to expanding it across the world.