Sling TV Goes Against The Grain With New 1-Year Price Guarantee


Sling TV is now offering new subscribers up to a year of locked-in costs via a 1-year price guarantee. The move is decidedly in opposition to the direction other streaming services are currently taking. And it the guarantee is reportedly available to new subscribers throughout July.

Looking more closely at the deal users are getting, the cost of either Sling's Orange or Blue plan can be locked in at just $30 per month. That's on top of a free 14-day trial it's presently offering. Either offering nets users 10-hours of free cloud-DVR for recording their favorite episodes or movies to watch later. But the Blue plan offers a lot more with up to three-device streams at once over the Orange plan's single device streaming.

There are also more than 50 channels on the Blue plan compared to the other's more than 30. The former, of course, is better for news and entertainment while the latter is geared at families and those who love sports. And that includes 50,000 on-demand titles in addition to "today's most popular news and entertainment channels including."


Sling TV boasts news and entertainment from CNN, FOX News, AMC, HGTV, TNT, and TBS as major contributors to the content it offers.

Get an AirTV Mini with your 1-year price guarantee from Sling TV

Sign-ups for a year of price locking come to an end on August 1, 2020. Once purchased, users can get that price until August 1, 2021.

Sign-ups that include a free trial, conversely, go through July 6. So potential customers who want to take advantage of both offers will need to sign up fairly quickly.


However, Sling TV isn't done putting up enticing offers and, in fact, is also sweetening the deal beyond its price guarantee too. And it's accomplishing that via a pretty great sign-on bonus. Customers who sign up and who also pay for three months in advance will get a $145 AirTV 2 with an OTA antenna. That'll be completely free. That device is aimed at helping users regain access to their local channels. So users can watch all of their live TV from ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and others without the need to pay extra.

Better still, users who sign up and pay in advance for a 2-months can get an AirTV Mini, according to the company's official site. That has the added benefit of delivering up to 4K streaming and one-touch access to both Sling and Netflix — for those hanging on to that account. It also allows apps, games, music, and other experiences to be discovered directly via Google Play.

This could be the one-two punch many streaming subscribers were waiting for

The biggest benefit of the latest Sling TV offer, though, may not actually be the bonuses that a subscription can deliver. Instead, it's probably the cost of service. Other services have gone up in price over the past several months, most recently with YouTube TV bumping up by 30-percent to $65 per month.


That's over its original pricing at just $35 and mostly down to the addition of new channels and content. But that's going to be a difficult burden for some users to justify given the ongoing state of global health concerns. And it's just one of many price hikes from effectively all of Sling TV's competition. And that means that now is undoubtedly the time to try Sling TV out, for those who haven't already.