Samsung Will Virtually Unpack The Galaxy Note 20 On August 5

samsung galaxy unpacked

Samsung has just announced that Unpacked, which is going to feature the Galaxy Note 20, will be taking place virtually on August 5. The show will kick off at 10AM ET.

After plenty of rumors and speculation, it appears that the August 5 date was correct, and of course it being virtual is no surprise. Particularly since the US is still having a tough time containing the pandemic.

What are we expecting to see at Unpacked?

Samsung Unpacked is scheduled to be a pretty packed show, of course the Galaxy Note 20 will make an appearance. And we mean all three models – Galaxy Note 20, Note 20+ and Note 20 Ultra.


On top of the Galaxy Note 20, we are also expecting to see the Galaxy Z Fold 2 (not the Galaxy Fold 2), as well as the Galaxy Z Flip 5G.

There are also rumors about the new Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Watch 3 coming at the show. But Samsung typically announces those ahead of Unpacked, so we could see those as soon as later this month. We’ll have to wait and see, of course.

But still, that’s five phones for a livestreamed Unpacked event. That’s a whole lot of new goodies from Samsung.


Apparently, while there will be three new phones announced at Unpacked, they will be released in subsequent months. With the Galaxy Note 20 going first in August. And we actually expect that to go on sale on August 21. Followed by the Galaxy Z Flip 5G in September, and likely the Galaxy Z Fold 2 in October. Samsung has decided to do this staggered release due to the pandemic, since most people won’t be able to go into stores and buy devices. So they won’t be able to compare all of them. And it keeps the brand hyped through to the holiday season.

How can I watch Samsung Unpacked?

For Samsung fans, Unpacked going virtual means nothing. Because it’s still going to be a live stream like there is every year. Though the setup may be a bit different. Since there won’t be a crowd there for the executives presenting to stop for applause. And there likely won’t be any demos. Just Samsung talking about the products and moving on. So it could be a pretty fast moving live stream.

You’ll be able to watch the live stream for Samsung Unpacked on YouTube of course, and on Samsung’s website. It’ll happen on August 5th at 10AM ET, sharp. That’s 7AM PT for those on the west coast.