Samsung Wireless DeX Makes An Accidental Appearance In Tips


Samsung may have just inadvertently leaked a new wireless DeX mode for its flagship handsets. Discovered by XDA Developers' Max Weinbach, the feature was recently spotted in the Samsung Tips app.

More specifically, that's under the "Become a power user" segment of Samsung Tips. The segment is intended to provide deeper functionality for productivity power users. On that page, the very first tip to appear is the one that delivers the offending header. That header rather conspicuously reads,  "DREAM_DEX_HEADER_USE_DEX_WIRELESSLY_M_TIPS."

Otherwise, the tip remains unchanged from the previous tip for DeX. It shows the same Quick Settings tile with the same DeX logo and icon.


There are several implications to consider but Wireless DeX itself is enough to start with

The pursuit of a wireless DeX desktop implementation is nothing new. In fact, it was first hinted at back in 2018. But this leak seems to imply that it has advanced significantly since then and that will arrive soon.

As to how that would work, the details aren't made entirely clear by this leak. But it would offer users a similar experience to the current iteration of DeX. Samsung engineered DeX to be a full-sized Android-style desktop OS baked into Samsung devices. The company packs that in alongside the standard experience. And it only appears when users hook the device up to a display.

The hookup, right now, can take place via a cable or a DeX dock — which also uses a cable. Samsung could introduce new features alongside Wireless DeX. But it would, at the very least, undoubtedly perform almost identically to its wired counterpart.


Where else might this feature appear?

As noted above, the lead word in the leaked header is "Dream." That's the codename for Samsung's Galaxy S10 series. So the feature could potentially appear on devices as old as the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e, and S10 Plus with an update.

Perhaps equally interesting, the header itself appears in Samsung Tips not only for the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. It also appears prominently for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip folder. That phone, of course, doesn't support the standard implementation of DeX. So it isn't immediately clear why the tip would appear for the device.

While unlikely, that could hint the feature will make an appearance on other Samsung flagships in the future as well.