Samsung Rumored To Drop No Fewer Than Nine Galaxy Watch 3 Variations


Prominent leak provider Evan Blass has now taken to Twitter to reveal that Samsung may release no fewer than nine variations of its Galaxy Watch 3. Those can easily be categorized by color, connectivity technology, and size for the most part.

In total, there appear to be at least five configurations of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 measuring in at 45mm. Typically, that's the size of the watch measured across the watch frame. There are also four smaller 41mm watches listed, pointing to a model that's more directly aimed at those with smaller wrists. That seems to suggest that Samsung plans to cater more directly to both men and women, this time around.

For both 45mm and 41mm variations of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, there are at least two color configurations. And each of those will be available with either LTE or Bluetooth connectivity options. Each is also said to be built from stainless steel. The 45mm watches are available in black or silver. The 41mm version also comes in silver. Or users will reportedly be able to pick it up in a two-tone configuration with bronze and gold accents.


These nine variations may not be too many at all

Now, as hinted by the above-mentioned list, nine variations of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 may not be as many as it seems. That's because, while distinct, these variations fall squarely into only a few categories. And some are accounted for by color variation. Or at least that's mostly the case. They can be organized by size, connectivity feature, and functionality.

At least one of the variations is a bit more mysterious. That's the 45mm Black Titanium configuration. Presumably, that device will also be made available in an LTE variant. That would push the total number of configurations to ten if Samsung doesn't also have a smaller 41mm titanium version planned. But it's the only configuration listed with the word or initials for "Titanium" anywhere in the designation.

That seems to suggest that this one won't be made of stainless steel — as the others are all designated. Instead, this one will be made with a somewhat more resilient titanium frame and/or body.


Pricing is among the details that have not been revealed for this wearable device. But building the smartwatch on such a platform, if that's what Samsung is doing, will also impact pricing. Of the listed gadgets, that variant would easily be the most expensive. And an LTE-compatible version would be even more expensive.

What else is there to know about the upcoming Galaxy Watch 3?

This isn't the first appearance of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 either. Previous leaks have already suggested that at least some variants wouldn't just support LTE. They'd also, rumor has it, ship with dedicated SIM slots. That should, in turn, make it easier to buy one of the new Tizen-powered devices without being locked to a carrier. And it shouldn't interfere too much with the expected MIL-STD-810G certification for ruggedness either.

The gadget will probably include a 340mAh battery as well, while the smaller one may pack a 247mAh capacity battery instead. 1GB of RAM will be in place, reportedly, to keep apps and features running smoothly.