Samsung Is Dropping These Features From Its Health App


Samsung Health is definitely one of the more comprehensive apps on Android for tracking your various health and fitness-related activities, thanks to a robust set of features that the app contains.

But that robust set of features is about to be thinned out a little bit. A new report from SamMobile states that Samsung is looking to get rid of a few features from its Samsung Health app.

This likely includes the variations of Samsung Health that are available across different devices like its TVs, its phones, and other smart devices like wearables.


Samsung will get rid of features from its Samsung Health app this month

According to the report Samsung will get rid of these features starting this month with a new update.

The features in question that are getting dropped are the weight, calorie, and caffeine tracking options. As noted these will be removed once the app update is pushed out to users. Although the update is supposed to be out sometime this month, there is no definitive date that's been mentioned yet.

Users of Samsung Health on their smartphones and wearables should keep an eye out for any updates though. It's already midway through July so there are just under a couple of weeks left before the month is over. Which means the update could happen anytime within those two weeks.


Also worth noting is that only smartphones and wearables appear to have been mentioned at this time in regards to the update. So the version of the app on Smart TVs may still have access.

Samsung will eventually delete any data associated with these features

Not only is Samsung removing these three tracking features, but it will eventually remove the data associated with them too.

The alert it sent out to users mentions that any data related to calorie, weight, and caffeine tracking will be able to to be stored for a limited amount of time. Eventually though it will end up removing the ability to store that data since the features themselves can no longer be used or accessed.


This means you may need to find another app to track those particular parts of your health and fitness. Or find another app that you can use to replace Samsung Health with entirely.

Officially these different tracking features will be removed with version 6.11 of the smartphone app, and version 4.1 of the wearables app. Double check on which version you have if you're worried about losing them with this next update.