Samsung Galaxy Owners Get An Exclusive Gift In Forza Street

Forza Street

If you own a Samsung Galaxy device, now might be a good time to download Forza Street. Because Samsung is giving device owners a special gift for the game.

This is an exclusive gift that you will need to have a Galaxy device to acquire. As it’s part of the Samsung ‘Summer of Galaxy’ event that’s been going on for the past month. Forza Street meanwhile launched a little bit earlier this year.

Brining Microsoft’s famed racing franchise to mobile devices. Forza Street is a free game title, and is available on the Play Store as well as the Galaxy Store. If you are a Galaxy device owner though you’ll need to get it from the Galaxy Store.


Galaxy device owners need to download Forza Street from the Galaxy Store

New players will need to download the game from the Galaxy Store as this is one of the requirements that Samsung has put in place.

The other of course being that you have to have a Galaxy device. There is one more caveat and that’s the timing. This is a limited time thing and you will only have about a week to grab the gift.

The gift is being made available from today until August 2. After that it will no longer be possible to claim the free in-game items. Which means if you play this game even a little bit, claim your stuff as fast as you can and get it out of the way.


As for the gift contents, it includes a free vehicle and some currency that you can use later on for other items.

The gift includes currency and a 2015 Porsche Cayman GTS

The big part of this gift is the free car. You’ll be able to claim a 2015 Porsche Cayman GTS for your in-game garage.

Samsung doesn’t state that the vehicle itself is exclusive to Samsung Galaxy devices. Meaning you may be able to acquire it another way. Perhaps through an in-game purchase. But to get it for free, you have be able to claim this reward.


In addition to the car, players will also get 100 gold and 1,000 credits. Both of which will be useful down the road should you want or need to buy something from the in-game store.

To claim the rewards you will need to head to this page and follow the instructions. After that, a message will be sent to players in the game at the message center. You will need to complete the second event in-game before the message center is accessible though. So keep that in mind.