This Is How Big The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series Will Be

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has been leaking out quite extensively over the past few days, leaving almost no surprises for Samsung’s Unpacked. And now WinFuture has put together an image that shows the size difference between the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (there’s rumored to be no Galaxy Note 20+ this year). And well, they are pretty similar in size.

The Galaxy Note 20 ultra 5G is going to be 164.8mm tall and 77.2mm wide. While the Galaxy Note 20 5G is going to be 161.1mm tall by 75.2mm wide. There’s no measurements on the thickness here. But as you can tell, they are both very similar in size. A little less than 4mm difference in height, and exactly 2mm difference in the width. Which is going to make it tougher to decide on which phone is better for you.

Galaxy Note 20 is more rounded than the Ultra

Something else we’ve noticed is that the vanilla Galaxy Note 20 is also more curved than the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Which is a bit of a surprise. The Galaxy Note has never had curved corners. Samsung has reserved that for the Galaxy S series, as a way to decipher between the two.


And this makes the vanilla Galaxy Note 20 look a bit more like a Galaxy S20 variant instead of a Galaxy Note 20.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra definitely looks like a Galaxy Note device. With the boxy corners, and this time around the top and bottom are flat.

There are a few other differences between the two, mainly with the camera. It looks like the regular Galaxy Note 20 won’t feature a few different sensors, possibly a Time of Flight Sensors and maybe laser autofocus. On top of that, the front-facing camera on the Galaxy Note 20 looks to be a bit larger than on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Samsung also did a good job of hiding it on the Ultra model with the wallpaper.


galaxy note 20 size

Unpacked is happening on August 5

We’re only a few weeks out from Unpacked, which is happening on August 5. Where Samsung is going to be announcing five power devices, according to its mobile chief.

For most of us tech nerds, it’ll be like Christmas – at least until we see the slide with the prices.


Samsung has already announced the Galaxy Z Flip 5G, but we are also expecting these two Galaxy Note 20 models, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Tab S7 series and possibly a few more products.