Samsung Plans To Fight Coronavirus With Antimicrobial Cases

Samsung antimicrobial coating cases patent

Samsung has recently trademarked something really interesting, something called ‘Antimicrobial Coating’. Now, that antimicrobial coating will be applied on top of Samsung cases, and it has proven effective against Coronavirus as well.

Antimicrobial coating effectively fights the presence of virus particles, it also protects against bacteria in general. Coronavirus can be picked up by touching something that has virus particles on it, and antimicrobial coating that Samsung plans to use is supposed to prevent such particles to stay on the surface (of that case).

Such protection is good to have in general. Smartphones are filled by bacteria, and the same goes for cases applied on them. With antimicrobial coating, such bacteria would find it really hard to stick around.


Anyhow, Samsung has submitted a patent for ‘Antimicrobial Coating’ on June 30, and it has been submitted in several countries. Those countries include Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and the UK.

The description of the patent is: “Protective cases and covers for smartphones and tablet computers”. That clearly indicates these are cases we’re looking at.

Antimicrobial coating has proven effective against Coronavirus

A research report by the University of Arizona (UA) has proven that antimicrobial coating can keep surfaces free of coronavirus for up to 90 days. Once a surface is treated by such coating, the virus particles decrease by 90-percent in 10 minutes, and 99.9-percent after two hours.


Smartphones are an extremely easy and effective way to spread disease. We are constantly holding / using it during the day, and don’t really wash our hands after every use.

Various researches have proven that smartphones are filled with bacteria. So, releasing such cases is a good idea in general, regardless of Coronavirus. We’re not sure when will Samsung announce these cases, though.

Samsung may announce cases with antimicrobial coating next month, to join the fight against Coronavirus

It is, however, possible that they will arrive alongside the Galaxy Note 20 series next month. This is the perfect time for Samsung to bring something like that to the market.


Chances are that various phones from the company’s lineup will get a version of that case, or perhaps cases (multiple models). The Galaxy Note 20 series will probably be the first, though.

Along with the Galaxy Note 20 series, Samsung is planning to announce the Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip 5G as well. Therefore, all of those phones will probably get a version of the case, though not in the box, of course.

There you have it. Samsung’s antimicrobial cases are coming, and soon, hopefully.