Samsung Confirms It's Announcing Five Devices At Unpacked Next Month


Samsung leaks have been coming in fast and furious over the past few months, and now that we know Samsung is holding its virtual Unpacked event on August 5, it's the company's executives turn to start drumming up some hype for the event.

The company's mobile head Tae-moon Roh said in a small tidbit that was published on a blog post on Monday, that the Samsung will announce five devices at Unpacked.

Roh stated that "At this summer's Galaxy Unpacked, we'll be introducing five new powerful devices." Going on to note that "you will be empowered to live life to the fullest with these devices in your hand (and in your ears or on your wrist)."


Samsung basically confirmed the devices we're expecting at Unpacked

That small tidbit that Roh put into that blog post, basically confirmed that we're getting a new pair of truly wireless earbuds, and a smartwatch – the Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Watch 3. As well as a few new smartphones. Which is expected to be the Galaxy Note 20 series, Galaxy Z Flip 5G and Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Though, Samsung did do a somewhat decent job of keeping them mysterious – that is, if you don't read the rumors. Which is a good thing for Samsung. As they are going to want to have some surprises in store, to shock the audience.

This will be the most products Samsung has ever announced at Unpacked. Normally, the tablets and smartwatches are announced ahead of the event. Normally a week or two before Unpacked, but they are still shown off at Unpacked. However, this time around, it's looking like Samsung is saving it all for Unpacked.


Samsung will get its turn at a Virtual launch

Samsung had one of the last in-person events before COVID-19 shut everything down in late February/early March. With Unpacked being in the first half of February, they were able to announce the Galaxy S20 series with a huge audience. That won't be happening with the Galaxy Note 20 series.

And since Samsung has had all of this time since its last Unpacked event, it has had time to sit back and take notes on the other virtual launches that have been done, to see what worked and what didn't.

Many would say that Apple did it the best, even though the WWDC keynote did fly pretty quickly. But we expect Samsung's Unpacked to also go very quickly, considering all of the products that Samsung is planning to announce. And if they go more than two hours, they will lose interest rather quickly. So we'll see how Samsung can adapt to this, on August 5.