Relive Your Childhood With This Free SNK Twitch Prime Bundle

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Twitch Prime is a huge benefit for many reasons if you’re a gamer, and one of the latest reasons is this SNK bundle that’s giving away tons of free games.

Every month Twitch will rotate out tons of rewards and games that you can snag for free. The main caveat is that you have to be a member of Twitch Prime. You become a member of Twitch Prime by signing up for an Amazon Prime membership.

Which in and of itself offers loads of benefits aside from the ones related to games. Such as free two-day shipping, free video and music streaming with Prime and more. But back to the games. If you grew up in arcades in the 80s and 90s, then you probably want this free bundle of SNK games from Twitch Prime.


SNK gives away 24 games with Twitch Prime to celebrate its 40th Anniversary

SNK is turning 40 this year and to celebrate its birthday, it’s unleashing a hail storm of free games for PC gamers.

There are 24 games in total that are part of the 40th Anniversary celebration pack. Which is a whole lot of games to play through if you’ve found yourself with some extra free time on your hands.

Twitch Prime members get access to even more games for free too. These are also coming from SNK and they’re available to claim until December 31 of 2020. Just like the 40th Anniversary celebration pack.


Of the ones that aren’t included in the pack, you get games like Metal Slug 2, Samurai Shodown II, Fatal Fury Special and more. There is one other thing you need to play these games.

You have to install the Amazon Games launcher

If you want to play these free games from Amazon that you acquire through Twitch Prime, then you need to install the Amazon games launcher.

From there you can install any of the games you claimed through Twitch Prime. And you can uninstall them from there too. Though you will end up with desktop shortcuts for the games you install, you can simply launch all of them from the launcher itself.


Which makes things a bit easier and a lot less cluttered. Plus, don’t forget that Twitch Prime is also giving away tons of free in-game loot for numerous games like Destiny 2, DOOM Eternal, League of Legends, Black Desert Mobile, Grand Theft Auto Online, Rainbow Six Siege, Legends of Runeterra, and more.