You Will Soon Be Able To Charge Your Phone To 50% In Just 5 Minutes


Qualcomm has just announced Quick Charge 5, which is going to be able to charge your device at over 100W, and that also means your phone can charge from 0 to 50% in just five minutes.

Quick Charge 5 is also more than 70% more efficient than its predecessor (Quick Charge 4+).

With Quick Charge 5, it'll also use Qualcomm Battery Saver and the new Qualcomm Smart Identification of Adapter Capabilities technology to support unparalleled efficiency and help extend the battery life cycle on a users’ device.


According to Qualcomm's VP of Product Management, Ev Roach, "Quick Charge 5, our fastest and most versatile charging solution will enable consumers to enjoy their devices for longer periods of time, without worrying about the time required to recharge. We are proud to expand our technology portfolio and make accessible 100W+ charging a commercial reality.

Quick Charge 5 is 4x faster than Quick Charge 4

Not only is Quick Charge 5 more efficient, but it is also about four times faster than Quick Charge 4.

Qualcomm has worked hard to keep some safety measures in mind with Quick Charge 5. Since this crazy fast charging speed is going to omit a lot of heat and batteries are flammable.


Quick Charge 5 incorporates 12 separate voltage, current and temperature protections. This includes USB-input over-voltage protection at 25V, and external power controls beyond 30V. It will also run 10 degrees Celsius cooler than Quick Charge 4 did.

With Qualcomm Battery Saver and the new Qualcomm Smart Identification of Adapter Capabilities technology, it will maximize power transfer efficiency. It also increases safety and will help extend the battery life cycle on a users' device. Qualcomm is also introducing the newest and next generation premium tier power management ICs (PMIC), that's Qualcomm SMB1396 and SMB1398. These support 1SnP and 2SnP batteries, wired and wireless input paths, adaptive operation based on the power source, and scalability.

When will Quick Charge 5 be available?

Qualcomm says that it is currently sampling Quick Charge 5 with its customers, and expect to see it available in commercial devices starting in the third quarter.


Both the Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 865+ chipsets support Quick Charge 5. And future premium and high-tier Snapdragon mobile platforms will support it as well. That means that the Snapdragon 875 that is going to be announced later this year, will support it as well.

This doesn't mean that devices already available with the Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 865+ will turn on support for Quick Charge 5, but it is possible. Don't expect the Galaxy Note 20 to support Quick Charge 5 though, as Samsung typically likes to use its own quick charging standard.