Philo TV Just Added Chromecast Support

Philo Chromecast

Philo, a streaming live TV service has just added Google Chromecast support. Making it an even more viable alternative to YouTube TV, Sling TV and traditional cable.

Philo TV has not announced any price hikes, keeping its prices at $20 per month, while it has added several new features and channels over the past year. Making it a very good option for streaming TV.

Chromecast had been one of Philo TV’s most requested features. And it is finally here. Showing that Philo TV does indeed listen to its customers.


With Chromecast support, you’ll be able to Cast Philo directly onto your TV without any issues, or having to fiddle with Android TV to get it to work.

Philo TV offers 60 channels for just $20 per month

Philo TV is indeed the cheapest streaming Live TV service available right now, with the second cheapest being Sling at $30 per month. So what does $20 per month at Philo TV actually get you?

Well, you’re getting over 60 channels. And they include the ViacomCBS channels, which are normally pretty pricey. Discovery channels are also here. And you can add on some premium channels like EPIX, and STARZ.


So what’s the catch? Well there’s no locals. There’s also no sports channels available. And there’s also none of the Turner networks, like TBS and TNT. However, if you are looking for a service that offers plenty of content, without the sports, and don’t mind missing out on the Turner networks, then Philo is a great option. Particularly if you’re one that doesn’t watch Live TV all that much.

Much like YouTube TV, Philo TV also includes unlimited cloud DVR, though it’s not quite the same as what Google offers. Instead of keeping everything on your DVR for nine months, Philo saves them for 30 days. Which, for most people, that’s not going to be a big deal. If you haven’t watched it within 30 days, you probably aren’t going to. And much like YouTube TV, this is an included feature.

Philo also allows you to stream on three devices, concurrently. And you can create 10 accounts. So everyone can have their own account.


Philo TV is a really good option, and while it started out pretty small, only supporting a few platforms, it has quickly expanded to support most platforms. Even if you already have a Live TV service, Philo is still worth checking out. Since it has a lot of networks and channels that most other services do not have.