Get Over 60 Channels For Only $20/Month With Philo

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Looking for an alternative to cable TV that isn’t going to cost as much as cable TV? Well, then Philo is the perfect option for TV.

Philo is still a relatively unknown streaming live TV service, but it should be better known. That is because Philo offers one of the cheapest packages around. Yes, even cheaper than Sling TV.

It comes in at just $20 per month for 60 channels. That’s far more than Sling TV offers and cheaper. Not to mention, DVR is included for free. Now the DVR is not quite the same as what YouTube TV offers, but it will keep your shows available for 30 days. And it’s still unlimited. YouTube TV will keep it around for nine months, from the last time it was recorded.


So what channels does Philo have available? Well, it has all of the ViacomCBS channels, which are generally pretty pricey. Hence why YouTube TV increased its price when it added them. That includes channels like BET, CMT, ComedyCentral, VH1 and more. You can see the complete list of channels here.

Philo is also available on the Web, iPhone & iPad, Android phones & tablets, Android TV, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV. So you can watch virtually anywhere.

What’s so great about Philo, is like YouTube TV, there is only one package. Which is $20 per month. Though, Philo does have some add-ons like EPIX and STARZ which are $6 and $9 per month, respectively.


Philo can also make for a great add-on service to your existing streaming TV plan. So if you have something like Sling TV, which doesn’t have most of these channels, you could subscribe to both, and still pay less than you would for YouTube TV. And likely get more channels.

Philo can be so cheap, mostly because it does not include local channels. So you’ll want to get an antenna for channels like CBS, ABC, NBC and others.

You can sign up for Philo by clicking here. 


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