OPPO Just Announced Its Stupid Fast Charging For Smartphones


OPPO has just announced its new charging for smartphones, and “stupid fast” is the right term. As expected, OPPO unveiled its 125W fast charging. It’s officially called “OPPO 125W Flash Charge”.

New OPPO charging tech is stupid fast, to say the least

This charging technology can recharge a 4,000mAh battery from dead to 100-percent in only 20 minutes. It can also charge your battery from dead to 41-percent in only 5 minutes.

OPPO says that this charging evolved from SuperVOOC’s technical design. “125W Flash Charge has undergone a comprehensive hardware architecture upgrade”, says the company.

This charging supports up to 20V/6.25A output, and it significantly improved power density properties to reduce charging time, even on smaller chargers.


125W Flash Charge is equipped with double-6C cells with “breakthrough battery ratio, industry-leading multiple tab structures, charge pumps and a highly integrated MCU to improve charging efficiency”.

Hardware that enables this charging comes with 10 additional temperature sensors that are supposed to monitor the charging status. That should ensure maximum safety during charging.

The company announced several new chargers today

OPPO announced several new chargers today as well, four, to be exact. The main one is the OPPO 125W flash charge charging brick. The OPPO 65W AirVOOC wireless charge charging stand is the second one.


OPPO new chargers July 2020

So, if you prefer wireless charging, 65W should do the trick most definitely. On top of those two, the company also announced the OPPO 110W mini flash charger, and the OPPO 50W mini SuperVOOC charger.

The OPPO 50W mini SuperVOOC charger is tiny. It measures 82.2mm in length, 39mm in wight, and it’s only 10.05mm thick. This charger weighs only 60 grams.


The OPPO 110W Mini Flash Charger is tiny

The 110W Mini Flash Charger uses a dual-level architecture to achieve high-efficiency power conversion, and temperature rise control. This charger is similar to the size of an average 18W charger, says the company.

iQOO, OPPO’s company, announced something similar a couple of days ago. iQOO did not share as much info as OPPO, though, and the company is almost certainly using OPPO’s technology.

Realme, another one of OPPO’s sub-brands, will announce its rebranded fast charging as well, soon. Xiaomi is expected to announce its first smartphone with 120W charging in the near future, as the device already got certified.