OnePlus Slow-Motion Video Editing Is Reportedly Returning For Some


OnePlus took back slow-motion video editing features previously found in its Gallery application but, after approximately a month, it's already returning for some. That's based on a recent report from MobileSyrup.

The publication notes that at least a couple of users over at the OnePlus support forum claim to be seeing the feature. It isn't apparent which device the users are seeing it with since Android Headlines was unable to verify the report. Setting that aside, it appears to be arriving via an update in the Google Play Store. And that means it should quickly become more widely available if the reports are accurate.

Why was the slow-motion video editing feature removed, to begin with?

The reasons for OnePlus' decision to remove the feature from its Gallery app remain mostly unaddressed. Users are, even after the feature's removal about a month ago, still able to record in slow-motion without issue. So it appears as though the change had nothing at all to do with the footage or the cameras. Instead, it seems it was a problem with the editing itself. Or, at very least, that OnePlus simply wasn't happy with it.


The company promised to return the feature around the time that it removed it. But it only said that it would come back improved, by way of explanation.

It isn't immediately clear exactly what those improvements are either. Reports circulating around the time of its arrival largely lauded the feature as being a step above the competition. The process isn't just quick either. Users are able to capture video and then select the portion they'd like to slow down.

Other OEM's slow-motion capture features more often than not only slow things down for a preset segment. Or on a per-video basis so that the entire thing is slowed down. The latter case is a worst-case scenario since that limits those with the highest frame-per-second rate to just a few moments in terms of recording length.


The OnePlus experience has also been touted as easier-to-use and simplified compared to the competition.

If reports are accurate, this could be a test and not a widespread rollout

Now, even if the reports of the slow-motion video editing features returning on OnePlus handsets are accurate, it may be the case that this isn't a widespread rollout. It isn't unlikely that, if and when OnePlus relaunches the feature, the company will push the update somewhat more slowly than usual.

The purpose of that, of course, would be to ensure it's working properly across compatible OnePlus smartphones. OnePlus has already been in the news recently regarding further bugs in its systems.


So it will most likely relaunch this feature cautiously to avoid negative publicity. If the feature returns with major bugs or without significant improvement — following its sudden, unannounced removal — end-users are not going to be happy.

In the interim, the company's decision to remove the feature just means that customers can expect a greatly improved experience. At the very least, once it does make a comeback. It also shows that OnePlus recognizes when users' experience with its features is not panning out the way it hoped. And that it's willing to take its features back to the drawing board when that happens.

So the removal and eventual return, which OnePlus has already promised, are ultimately a good thing for end-users.