OnePlus Partners With Epic For Timed Exclusive Fortnite Emote

Fortnite OnePlus 8

OnePlus is continuing its partnership with Epic and Fortnite, and will be launching a timed exclusive emote for players.

This emote won’t launch until later in the Summer. When it does finally release, it will also be available on OnePlus devices only. At least until an announced date in the future.

Earlier this year on May 26, OnePlus announced that it was partnering with Epic. That partnership would see the OnePlus 8 as the first phone to support Fortnite at 90fps. Despite there being multiple devices that have a 90Hz display or better.


Now OnePlus is moving things beyond a refresh rate and offering owners of its devices early access to in-game content.

The “Bhangra Boogie” Fortnite emote comes to OnePlus devices first as part of the Epic deal

On July 9, Epic released the Bollywood-inspired Bhangra Boogie emote in Fortnite. And it’s exclusively available to OnePlus device owners.

This will only be for a limited time and should eventually be available for other players. But neither company has stated when the timed exclusivity will be over. This means other players could have to wait a series of months before getting their hands on it.


In a similar fashion, Bungie has in the past made certain content in Destiny and Destiny 2 exclusive to PS4 players until a year after the content’s release. The timed exclusivity may not be that long in this particular case. Because Epic will probably want to capitalize on being able to make money from it by extending it to other players.

The emote is available to players worldwide

Epic and OnePlus were keen to point out that just because the Bhangra Boogie emote is inspired by India’s Bollywood industry, that doesn’t mean it will only be available in India.

On the contrary, it’s accessible to any player with a OnePlus device globally. So if you live in the US and you have a OnePlus phone, you can get your hands on the emote. What’s more is that it’s available on any OnePlus device from the OnePlus 3 forward.


For OnePlus owners, the emote will be completely free. There’s a code that can be redeemed at oneplus.com/fortnite. So if you want it, head to that website and make sure to snag it while you can. Because chances are that if Epic has plans to launch this for other devices at some point, it’ll cost money when that time comes.

If you’re interested in checking out the emote, you can see a short clip of the dance in the video below.